How to Earn

We succeed when you succeed. Our revenue comes primarily from the spread we charge, with other fees making up a small portion of our revenue.

Income from spreads and commissions form our primary source of revenue. The spread is determined by the difference between the buy price and the sell price we offer for each product. The spread is clearly visible across all our products on the trading platform. We factor in all the necessary costs involved in executing the trade to offer competitive pricing whilst ensuring our services remain commercially viable. Depending on the product traded, you may incur other fees such as the spread on currency trades, or a commission if trading a CFD.

Given our large and diversified customer base, our clients trading positions predominantly offset one another. Where one client is buying EUR/USD, there will typically be another client selling EUR/USD. The net exposure for Hantec for this outcome is zero. Despite this, we continue to generate revenue in the form of our spread. But what happens when our clients’ exposure is not equally matched? In this scenario we may utilize our network of liquidity provisions and risk management infrastructure to protect us from any market risk.
Deposit Deposit
We provide multiple deposit options like Online Wallets, Netbanking, Debit & Credit Cards. User can select any option for deposit. All your online transactions are absolutely safe and secure.
Trade Trade
You can always improve your trading skills on the demo account. When you're ready, switch to your real account and earn money.
Withdraw Withdraw
Withdraw your profit instantly using various popular payment methods. Get Withdraw amount easily. complete KYC details and submit your request.

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